How to estimate the price of an unbuildable land?

prix terrain non constructible

What is an unbuildable land?

A land that cannot be built on is a land that does not have planning permission to build.

There are several reasons for this:

  • The land is classified as a natural area or a historical one that must be preserved.
  • The land is considered as a risk zone such as a seismic for example.
  • The land cannot be used because of the local urban regulations, for example, a land that is too small would not allow the construction of a structure that would respect the limitations of neighbouring plots (in order to respect the privacy of neighbours).
  • The land cannot bear the weight of construction.

How do you know if a land is constructible or not?

You can ask your local council if your land is suitable or not for building. They will provide you with the regional development land, which will help you define in which area your plot has been placed. The land can only be built on if it is classified in a development area. If your land is placed in an agricultural zone, you can only apply to build on it for residential purposes or for premises linked to the farm, such as a barn or a storage for farming equipment.

How to estimate a plot that is not suitable for building?

faire estimer un terrain non constructible

To evaluate a property, you must first find out whether your land is unbuildable due to its condition or whether it is the commune that has affected it temporarily.

1. If your land is unbuildable because of its condition (insalubrity, risk of landslide, natural constraint), you can consult the prices of plots of land similar to yours nearby and adjust its price according to its assets and weaknesses.

Some elements that can help you add value to your land:

  • Location: The closer your plot is to the city centre and the easier it is to access, the more potential buyers it will attract.
  • Condition: The soil should not be muddy or rocky, if it is difficult to develop it, the land will be less valuable. On the other hand, if the land has a natural feature such as a watercourse, this could add value id the buyer wants to use it as a recreational area for example.
  • Its intended use: A land will increase in value depending on its use and the potential benefits it will bring. You can use your land that is not suitable for construction in different ways and even rent it if possible. Find out here how to make the best use of your land that is not suitable for building.

2. In the other hand, if your land is suitable for building but has not been given planning permission by the commune. You can either wait that the status of your land change or you can make a request to the commune a planning permission for it. It is recommended to wait until your land is classified as a development area before selling it, as a change of status can increase the price of a land by an average of 20 to 30%. In this case, found out how to estimate the price of a building plot.

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