How to estimate the price of a new house?

Becoming the owner of a charming new house is a prospect that delights many individuals. Before embarking on such a project, it is essential to determine the price of a new house per m². This varies according to the type of construction and the characteristics of the property.

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Choose the type of house you want to estimate

Before you know what the cost of a new house is, you need to decide on a particular house model:

  • detached house
  • semi-detached house
  • prefabricated house
  • atrium house
  • house with a courtyard

Indeed, for each model, the price of a new house per m² will vary. It can easily go from single to double between a prefabricated house and a top-of-the-range detached house.

To find out more, it may be a good idea to ask for quotes from construction companies depending on your project. They can then be compared to select the solution best suited to his financial capacities.

Construction standards

The budget required for a new house varies according to the type of construction required. A simple construction requires CHF 5,000 per square metre of living space. For a medium quality house, the price per square metre is between CHF 7'000 and CHF 8'000.

For the construction of a luxury house by an architect, the price of a new house per square metre will be higher. The budget starts at CHF 10'000.00. For high-end services, you will need a substantial budget. 

Estimating the price of a new house: making a detailed calculation

To know exactly what the total cost of a new house will be, all costs must be taken into account:

  • The cost of the land as well as its servicing if necessary.
  • Housing costs: the cost of the work, the cost of an architect or a surveyor's intervention
  • Additional costs to start construction: building permit application, architect's and notary's fees.
  • Additional costs that may be incurred

Carrying out this estimate becomes mandatory because the budget for the purchase or construction of a house must therefore be large enough to cover all costs. There must be sufficient equity to finance this operation. 

Very often, buyers forget all the charges and costs associated with a new house. The purchase price is not the only sum to be paid. To honour your mortgage loan, a simulation is preferable. It ensures that you have sufficient funds.

Regional differences in the price of a new home

The price of a new house per m² varies according to the canton chosen. In the Mittelland area, properties are generally offered at CHF 5,000 per square metre. This relatively low price attracts new buyers every year who want to own their own home. 

In the Geneva region, houses are particularly expensive. On average, the average price is CHF 10,500, which means that the budget will be significant for a large surface area. 

The price of a new house per square metre is somewhat lower in the canton of Zurich, with an average of CHF 8,100. However, in the large urban centres, it is rare to find a property for less than CHF 10,000. In order to reduce the cost of this purchase, it is necessary to turn to the countryside. 

With an annual increase of 0.6% for new houses, the prices charged should be checked before embarking on this project. The cost may be high depending on the geographical area chosen. For a more accurate estimate, you can make an online estimate.

Points to remember when estimating the price of a new house

  1. Determining the type of construction: simple, medium or high end
  2. Plan the necessary budget by making a projection of the necessary costs
  3. Choosing the right geographical area to reduce costs
  4. Accounting for ancillary costs


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