We believe in a more transparent and efficient real estate market.

Our vision

We are defending the idea of a more transparent and open real estate market. We help people make better decisions when buying, selling, renting or financing property.

RealAdvisor is an aggregator of real estate information and services. Using the power of the web we centralise all property listings, online valuation services, real estate agents and lenders in one place; providing an unprecedented level of transparency for the real estate market.


Olivier Plan

Chairman & Co-founder

Joan Rodriguez


Jonas Wiesel


Alexandre Raim


Anita Humbel

Office Manager & HR Assistant

Jakub Riziky

Product Manager

Guillaume Renoult

Lead Tech Team

Kanwal Nayyar

Marketing Manager

Aleko Lilly

Director of Sales USA

Olivier Moynat

Sales Director CH

Alexander Joost

Head of Sales Zurich

Jan Skubincan

Regional & Inside Sales Manager

Eugenia Seletti

Sales Manager Ticino

Massimo Trainito

Agent Support & Sales Ticino

Stéphanie Nolot

Sales Manager CH-FR

Émélie Plaideau

Agent Support

Océane Cronier

Agent Support

Carmelo Lombardo

Head of Investment Real Estate

Adrien Comment

Senior Investment Real Estate Broker

Mario Mastrocola

Senior Investment Real Estate Broker

Maxime Trescazes

Investment Real Estate Broker

Giovanni Singarella

Head of Financing

Stéphanie Friberg

Financing Assistant

Anthony Richard

Inside Sales

Arnaud Barton

Inside Sales

Lucie Barbier

Inside Sales

Katarina Gradalska

Inside Sales

Mouleesam Ananthasegaram

Inside Sales

Sascha Canonica

Inside Sales

Tania Wedage

Inside Sales

Tracy Anne Sigg

Inside Sales

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